Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day 2009!

I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you all the things that Braden is now doing, since he has come home on the ventilator and on the vitamin cocktail.

First, he is a LOT more alert throughout the day. In fact, if he is stimulated, he is awake for a good part of the day. (He used to sleep a lot, usually about 50 minutes each hour... and now he is awake anywhere from 20 - 35 minutes an hour, so you can see how much better he is doing). He absolutely loves his light canopy and froggie friends in the crib - he is just fascinated. He loves to take walks and enjoys watching the scenery, same goes for car rides. While he may protest the actual MOVE from on location to another, he certainly enjoys the journey. Maybe that's a lesson for all of us... most of us don't truly relish change, but we can take the time to at least enjoy the scenery from point a to point b!

Second, he's finding his voice again. He has figured out how to cry through the vent, and he takes every opportunity to do so to express his unhappiness or displeasure with particular situations - mainly getting his shirt/jacket on & off. His cry is so sad and pathetic, he really knows how to play to your sympathetic side. He will also jerk that head back and forth in protest of the suctioning... he is not a fan at all. He will also express happiness, just not as loudly and pointed as the crying... he will sing-song a little when he sighs happiness. And on rare occasions, he will even look at you or in the eye when he's doing it!

Lastly, his latest "play" with his caregivers is to kick his legs wildly while changing a diaper. While most of the time, changing his wet diaper like this just makes us laugh at his display of two-year-old attitude, trying to do the same with a dirty diaper is not as fun and can be challenging at best.

He has gotten so big - nearly 35 pounds now, and wearing a size FOUR!! The kid isn't even 3 yet... yikes!! Pants are slightly long because he's always pulling his legs up like a frog, but he is definitely a size 4. I've already had to put away all of his size 3's.

Happy Valentine's day... it's your chance to tell those that are important to you that you love them. Don't be shy, you may never get the chance if you don't do it now. Spread the love.

We love you guys for checking in on us!!
Braden, Brad & Kodi Wilson


2awesomekidz said...

Love the pictures. What a blessing for the awake time and alertness! Thinking and praying for you guys!

Janet said...

aw! oh cute!we are praying for you!