Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Year, New Us?

We have been blessed to have been recipients of a visit from Brad's aunt and uncle Jeannie and Jerry from Pensacola. They were in New Orleans seeing family and a show, and they came to see us and even made dinner for us! Braden got his very own ugly doll just like the youngest Obama girl took to school her first day, and of course, Braden got LOTS and lots of snuggles from aunt Jeannie!!

This year we are pledging to make some changes. We have made a decision to start taking care of ourselves as parents. For so long, everything in our life has revolved around emergencies and anxiety and fixing things... so this year we are hoping to make some positive change. Our lives will still be on a rollercoaster, but we will try not to grip so tightly. Kodi is calling 2009 "The year of the mommy", because after years of advice from other moms, it finally sunk in that I can't take care of my family if I am falling to pieces. So we make a pledge to renewed health... back to the dentist... (Kodi hadn't been in 10 years - I know, I deserve what I have coming - but a lifetime of mouth metal left me with a feeling of needing a break!)... new plans of working out... plans of finding a babysitter for some respite care and date nights...plans to organize a 10-year anniversary trip for mommy and daddy next summer... and plans to live our lives without always waiting for the next emergency anxiety - we are giving that to God.

We are connecting with other Leigh's families, so this year we will have some stories and new friends to share with you.

Our friend JazMyn continues to keep us very entertained, and if you get a chance, you should check out her latest adventure dancing to Beyonce's video "Single Ladies". She is such an inspiration... when you see her dance around (and VERY well) - to think that two years ago she wasn't yet walking or talking, you realize that God gives us miracles every day, and we are blessed to have this living miracle in our lives! She is such a JOY!! Here is the link:

Thanks so much for the continued prayers... Braden is in EXCELLENT health!! We hope to have many wonderful things to share with you in 2009.

Brad, Kodi, and Braden

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General 5A Pigott said...

You guys are amazing! You both never cease to amaze me. I am sorry I have been out of the loop, as I have spent the last hour or so reading and looking. Braden is so lucky to have such amazing parents! You guys are my heroes.