Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A "Real" Getaway to Florida

We headed to Pensacola Friday to enjoy some R&R over the Fall Break. Of course, no trip of ours is ever without some kind of ridiculous story. As we pulled into Jeannie & Jerry's driveway, we heard a hissing noise, and discovered that somewhere close to our destination, we had picked up a razor blade in our tire. Our best estimation is that a carpet-layer in this post-Ivan recovery area must have disposed of the razor on a street somewhere, and our lucky truck found it. So Brad & Jerry hastily headed out to get it fixed before it went completely flat, as the air coming out of it was not a pinhole, but a large GASH in the tire.

We did, however have a wonderful and relaxing weekend in Pensacola, regardless of the welcome party tire incident. We spent Saturday morning at Jerry's master gardener green thumb jamboree. We got to see lots of local plant varieties and Jerry & fellow master gardner Karen's contribution to "whimsy" with their bottle tree. This is their version of a bottle tree - to add whimsy, but if you research a bottle tree's origins from the South, you will find that it's meaning has deeper roots, and individual meaning. Saturday afternoon Brad & Braden watched the LSU game while Jeannie & Kodi headed out for some shopping. That evening the Patee's treated us to a special meal, complete with birthday cake for Kodi.

Sunday morning we took a long walk along Johnson beach before packing up to head back home. Braden was a hit with his adorable beach wear, and really enjoyed our walk on the beach, as he stayed awake for quite some time to take in all the scenery. Our trip was too short, but we hope to make it back again in the spring for another visit. I know Hampton really enjoyed watching over Braden and letting Braden pet him, so we hope to spend more time with all of them again in the new year. Thanks to our wonderful host family for a very relaxing and enjoyable getaway!!

Kodi, Brad, Braden

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shalamarie said...

YEAH Baby B likes the puppy!!!! Love you- Paxton & Shala