Tuesday, October 23, 2007

ER Drive-Through, sort-of

Well, not quite a drive-through, we were there for 7 hours last night. THe pediatrician felt it was best to get a chest x-ray and have bloodwork done on Braden, he just isn't himself with his respiratory pattern, and has had a hard time the past few days keeping his O2 sats up. So we have had 2 very long nights in a row, but we got some steroids and antibiotics and will go back for follow-up antibiotic shots for a few days, like we did this morning, just to be safe. The docs think this is maybe a pre-pnuemonia episode, or just a really bad head cold that won't break loose.

The pediatrician also won't let us take any over-the-counter meds due to all the FDA hoop-la about children's meds dangers these days. So tonight we may try some home remedies like a steam in the bathroom and getting the humidifier going, as even breathing treatments every 2 hours doesn't seem to be enough.

We have him on oxygen, really just to help him rest, as his little body is working pretty hard to breathe easy for today, and maybe the next few - we will see how it goes. Say an extra prayer for our little man to recover quickly like he did a few short weeks ago - we know your prayers were felt here!!

Thanks! The Wilson's


B said...

Thanks for the update! Sorry your little guy isn't feeling himself. Two things that work really well with my kiddos are the Vicks Vapo-plug ins (I think sudacare makes some too) and baby Vicks Vapo-rub directly on their chest or right under their nose. These are "old fashioned" remedies that worked for me when I had pneumonia and work for my kids when they have colds. Good luck! Try to rest.

Mommy2BMW said...

Thanks Brandy - I will try the plug-ins. I have been hesitant since I read strong smells like eucalyptus can cause more seizures... but I think I will try and see if it helps. Thanks!

Nicole said...

Essential oils in the humidifier might help as well. They help me when I'm stopped up! You'll be in our prayers