Monday, October 01, 2007

Another Fighter in the Family

This past weekend mommy went to surprise Aunt Shala for her second breast cancer walk. This year marks the second time in two year's that aunt Shala has beaten breast cancer, so mommy really wanted to make it special for her.

Aunt Shala was happy that mommy could make it to celebrate with her. Aunt Shala was more surprised about the pink cowgirl hats mommy made for aunt Shala's team to wear. Mommy had to use her quick thinking to figure out how they were going to keep those hats on in 35+ mile an hour winds that day!! So the boas were punched through the hats to create a way to tie them on. Aunt Shala's hat had a tiara, of course, to designate her special day. Aunt Shala even 'took me with her' and pinned my picture on her race number again:-)

They ended the celebration of walks and runs with a survivor's parade, and then the whole team went for lunch to continue the celebration.

Mommy stayed with aunt Shala, cousin Paxton and Gram at the hotel downtown and went swimming, shopping, and relaxed later after a very long day. It was a wonderful weekend, and mommy got to see Nana and Grandpa Wilson too!

My aunt Shala is a fighter, a survivor - just like me.

Hugs for all,
Baby Bee


Caralyn said...

PRAISE THE LORD! Please give Shayla and Braden my love.

Auntie Shay said...

Next year Braden is going to let cousin Paxton push him in his fancy stroller!!!!!
LOVE YOU- Thanks Braden for letting mommy come and surprise me! It was so special

Ronda Hamilton said...

We were there, I wish we would have seen you. We did the fun walk with work. Congrats to Shayla and Braden for hanging in there.