Monday, April 16, 2007

Spring is here

Pic of baby snuggling with mommy...

And so begins the bouncing around of the weather - jackets and heaters in the morning, and by lunchtime it's windows down and cool air blowing. Braden's respiratory health seems to bounce around along with the weather. We have been lucky enough to experience getting up just once a night, twice this past week... stark contrast to the nights I was up for two hours at a time, and we both were up at least 5 times each if not more. This little guy sure knows how to keep us on our toes.

Daddy is headed for his first trip away from us this week, and mommy is both anxious/nervous to be a single mom... I am excited to get so much QT with my little man too. Pray that I get sleep and keep my sanity as I try to juggle it all by myself. I am already so blessed to have a husband that splits all baby duties with me 50/50.

We are already preparing for little man's birthday party in a few weeks - it's hard to believe our "little" ham will almost be ONE!!

Kodi, B&B


Gram said...

Hey Braden, save some of those snuggles for Gram and Papa!!!

Love & Hugs

Shalamarie said...

Hey Braden, Gram can wait, I want em first! Just kidding. Love you guys and cannot wait to see you all.