Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Slide Shows to Share

My friend Niki Arena created these slide shows for us (she is AMAZING!!) back in December, and as Braden turns ONE YEAR OLD tomorrow, I wanted to share them with all of you. You may have to install a new program, but the site provides the software to view the albums, and doesn't take to long to load. There are 5 slide shows, that feature Braden up to 8 months old.

Here is the link to view the shows:

Click on Braden Mark Wilson to view the shows.

Enjoy... tomorrow I will be posting Braden's FIRST YEAR photos!

Kodi, B&B


shalamarie said...

Paxton and I cannot wait to see you. She has been telling everyone that it will be 11 Days until she gets to see, "My little Braden"

B said...

All I can say is ... "You've come a long way baby!" Have a great birthday tomorrow! Give mom and dad a special little something tomorrow too!
Brandy, Jeff, Madeline, and McKenna

Kari said...

Kodi and family,
I have been ready about your sweet son for the last hour. I had no idea about the special situations with Braden. He sounds like such a blessing and you both have such strength and love for your son. I was truely touched. I would love to keep in contact with you. I know my dad forwards emails to you regarding my mom. My email is kreesmom@gmail.com. Please email anytime and I will keep checking this site for updates on Braden. Take care and God bless.....Kari Kirk

Anonymous said...

Nana loves the pictures and can not wait to see your first birthday pictures.
God bless you Braden Mark and your momma and daddy

Nana W and grandpa

shalamarie said...


Amanda said...

hey guys!
like kari, we weren't aware of the ongoing issues with braden. we will be praying for you all. god is good though! what a blessing little boys are!

nolan will be six months on monday-crazy! he's an amazing little guy and so happy. breden and him would be such good buddies if we lived closer! anyways, nolan has asthma, and we're finally down to one treatment a day, which is nothing compared to your regamin I'm sure, but I do khow how it feels to be in limbo regarding your baby's health. love and prayers!

-phil, amanda, & nolan whitsl

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Braden!
We love you!
Gram & Papa