Thursday, April 26, 2007

First Birthday Fun

We spent some time taking pictures, and mostly making handprints and footprints for my scrapbook. mommy found the cute little duckies that reminded me of the duckies at the fundraiser, so she put my thumbprint on them for some family members as a keepsake. I sure gave mommy & daddy a hard time, because you know I like to keep my hand in a fist, especially when I am mad, so the painting got a little crazy - I even got some on my nose! But eventually I settled down and figured out it wasn't so bad, and I let them help me paint. I was sure tuckered out by the end of the night. All the painting and washing and then the final bathing really made me tired, but I am sure mom & dad will have some happy memories to look back on. This weekend mommy plans to post more pictures from my "photo shoot" - feel free to come see us again soon! Thanks for stopping by:-)

Braden Mark Wilson
and mommy Kodi and daddy Brad


shala&pax said...

Oh how sweet. I am so glad that you enjoyed the day! What an amazing feeling!!!!! I love you and cannot wait to see you!

Anonymous said...

That is our pumpkin... he will learn too soon how fun it is to be messy and make messes. looked like alot of fun. Thanks for making us a treat.

love you Braden Mark,

Gram said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun on your birthday. I hope you shared and got a little of that paint on mommy and daddy too!
Love & Hugs

Amanda said...

too cute!! i LOVE the hand and footprint'll probably see pics of the same thing now in six months of nolan-haha. you guys are doing an amazing job and have an amazing son!
-amanda & phil (and nolan!)

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Baby Braden happy birthday. Love the hair little fella. Hope you had fun making a mess with the cupcake.

Deb R
St. Andrews