Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Baby BOO

Our own Baby Bee became a bumble bee for Halloween. The suit was warm, so he was quite cozy and ready for a nap in it:-)

Our adventures continue as we still haven't found the right medicine potion to get his seizures more under control... we are giving that until the first of the year before we get him on the ketogenic diet. We want his meds in line first, so we don't continue to give him medicines he doesn't need.

We are off to Houston this Sunday - Tuesday... we will be seeing our lead nuerologist, and hopefully getting botox done while we are there. We are going ahead with the procedure, and our local doctors are trying to find a good doc in Houston to do the procedure.

As soon as Braden is big enough, he will be fitted with a trunk vest - that looks like a lifevest that attaches to a vacuum cleaner box. It helps clear out the pulminary areas, like a cough assist, using harmonic frequencies and 'pats'... we will have more on that as time gets closer. STill don't have the hand braces in yet, so no pics to share there yet.

We will let you know how our trip goes, we hope to get in with the dietician while we are there as well. We will update you after our next Houston trip - hope you are all well!! Thanks for keeping us in your prayers, as Braden's seizures are more frequent, we need them ever still.

The Wilson's


shalamarie said...

We loved Braden's BEE costume. How cute. It does look warm and snuggely! Love you !

Erica said...

He is the cutest bee ever! Good luck next week.
Love yall.

Caralyn said...

Oh my little Braden is too cute! I want to bring home that little bumble bee. (don't worry, I am referencing a kid know, "I'm bringing home a baby bumble bee. Won't my mommy be so proud of me...) LOL. Love you guys!

Tonya and Co. said...

Baby Bee is as cute as can be!!! You continue to be close in thought and prayer --- we'll step-it-up even more as you travel this weekend and into the week, and as you continue to journey through the world of "medicine" and treatments. May God continue to bless and keep you! We love you!

Brady and Ashley said...

What a cute bubble bee!!! In our prayers always! We love you!!!

Susanna and Greg said...

It was good to see yall on Halloween!! love You three,

Susie, Greg and Lil Miss

Victoria said...

I knew he was the most BEEutiful baby ever!