Saturday, October 21, 2006

Oct 20 update - the boss of me

We had a pretty great two weeks... One of these pics is from Mommy's birthday, and we were just hanging out together. The other picture our little man looks like he is ready for business, and like he is the big boss:-) Isn't he precious?

We discovered why not many people in the south had jack-o-lanterns... the humidity in the air spoils them FAST!! I have attached pics of the pumpkins we made two weeks ago - they had to be tossed this week, as they were a big moldy mess. Oh well - next year we will get fake ones:-)

The boys were very generous with mommy, and I had a great birthday with my student staff too who showered me with affection and gifts and food:-) Thanks to my family and friends who sent cards and gifts as well. I got a parallel bible I had been wanting, and I can't wait to use it for my study this week!

Braden's seizures are holding steady at about 20 or less a day, but he did have another extended episode that was a seizure of another kind. So this week we will discuss with our local nuero about the next step... ketogenic diet, botox, new meds, stopping some meds, etc.

Our hand braces are not in yet, so we don't have any pics to share there. The good news is that he is still making some GREAT progress with his head control, he is using his abdominal muscles more, and the sitter said he almost rolled all the way over until his own arm got in the way. He has been making progress on the rolling, and he has been able to do that for some time, it is his arm strength and usage we still need work on. Since our stay at TX Children's Hospital, he hasn't played with his hands much like he did before... so we will keep working on progress. He is also dropping his shoulders a little more too - not relying so much on his shoulders to support his head, so that is great news too.

We have only had a few scary moments with Braden lately, but mommy and daddy are learning to handle the situations as they come along. God has blessed us with strength and courage and the wisdom to handle everything that comes our way, SO FAR. Thanks for keeping us lifted in your prayers, we could not do this without all of you supporting us.


shalamarie said...

So glad that you all are doing great. I cannot wait to see you! Love you guys- Shala & Paxton

B said...

Hope you had a great birthday and have a great Halloween! It's good to know that things seem to be evening out (hopefully for a while!). We're praying for you!

Tonya said...

Oh my goodness Braden, you like such a "big boy" in that first're growing up so fast! When I see your pictures I just want to squeeze you --- you're a sweetie pie! Brad & Kodi, you continue to amaze and inspire me. You are awesome parents and I applaud you for treasuring every moment and trusting God each and every step of the way. We love hearing from you --- can't wait to see you all! Tonya