Monday, November 13, 2006

A little inspiration from the FROGS

These pics are from Braden's first LSU tailgate this weekend, he did great! The purple hat was borrowed from our night-time sitter Eva, and Braden just had to have his own, so we got him the baby one that says "Geaux Tigers", as it was chilly Saturday!

Now for the inspiration...
My grandfather, who first told me about frogs being good luck, passed away a few months before my neice, Paxton was born. When she came into this world, she had two little moles on her, and her mommy told her that they were "grandpa kisses". To let her know that even though he wasn't with us in the body anymore, he would be watching us and here with us in spirit.

When we were sent to TCH shortly after my run-in with the tree frog that I was expecting to bring us good luck... Braden received all kinds of little froggies for his crib, his room, and people started sending me frog cards and cartoons they found in those following weeks. Once the frogs surrounded Braden in the hospital crib, when we came home, he ended up with a new little mole on his tummy that wasn't there before.

It took me a bit to put together that those frogs had invited Grandpa Rinehart to give his "kiss" to our brave little boy. I know that the angels in heaven are watching over Braden, and I even had a dream about a very large angel that sits on top of the end of his crib watching over him. I know that God is with us on our journey, hard as it may be at times.

I hope that sharing this story will allow you to open your heart to hear God speak to you as well... He is out there, watching over us, just waiting for you to talk to Him. Allow God to speak to you, I promise the reward is bountiful.

Thanks for checking in on us, we will let you know how the botox is working later this week. For now, I can tell you that his seizures (for the time being, at least) have decreased significantly. WHile the doctor didn't think this would be the medicine Braden needed, once again, he is writing his own book, and taking us along for the wild ride.

Kodi, Brad, & Braden


Anonymous said...

braden~thanks for stopping by and giving me a smile! you have grown so much!!! i love all your pics (my favs - the sunglasses and the walmart swim trunks!). I will keep you and your parents in my prayers and enjoy seeing you by the yellow elevators! much luv- nurse grace

shalamarie said...

I do not even know what to say but I do have a free flow of tears running down my cheeks.
Paxton still believes those moles and freckles are from Grandpa Rinehart- she says it plain as day. Just wait, she will even pull her pants down anywhere if you ask to see her papa kisses. She has them on her hiney now and I am sure that grandpa just laughs when she drops her pants in Walmart or the grocery store to show me. For some reason, she thinks that the only time I forget they are there is when we are in public. Grandpa will get you one day too!