Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Surgery Cultures back - another infection

As is customary with a bronchoscope, they do this thing they call a bronchial wash, or a bronchial gavage - which basically means they squirt some saline in their, suck it out, and run cultures on it. Once again, Braden is fighting yet another infection. He has a STREP infection and a H influenza A (not related to seasonal or swine flu) that they are treating with another 10 days of the omnicef (yay for more red, runny, messy diapers)... and a new nebulized medication - colistin, used to treat cystic fibrosis patients and those with Pseudomonis. The colistin has to be mailed to us, as only a specialty pharmacy carries it(and none in Baton Rouge do), so it's a game with the doctor to fill out the pre-auth form, the insurance to "review" it for 24 - 48 hours, then shipping time once all the approvals go through. We hope to have it in-hand for early next week...

But we still get to keep the little guy at home and daycare, as he is not contagious. He has been very cranky, and this probably explains why... as he's been crying at times when we're not changing his shirt or diaper and getting the fake leave me alone cry... it's a cry that means his tummy or throat are hurting him. So lots of extra cuddles for our little patient... funny how they get so cuddly when they don't feel good and just find that comfort in being held. Makes you feel important.

Locally, anyone who would like a flyer for the fall fundraiser for Braden's Medical Fund... let me know and I can e-mail it back to you. ( Kodi's Kitchen will be serving up 4 different kinds of soups and 4 different desserts!

Love to all - thanks for the prayers and keep them coming! Hope your fall is going well.

Braden, Kodi, Brad

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