Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day Weekend 09

Well, we took it easy this weekend and cleaned up around the house. We had some friends over for a bbq yesterday to enjoy some down time and socialization before we head to surgery on Wednesday. It was nice to spend time with friends to socialize and just hang out. Thanks to gram for the cool shirts!

We went to the frog pool in the back yard this afternoon - as it was the first hint of sun we've had since Thursday. Braden really enjoyed himself and really relaxed - enough for a first - poopie in the pool. Oh the joys of parenting... but he's on such strong antibiotics right now, I guess we were silly not to expect it:-) Oh well, the pool got antibacterial cleaning so it can dry and go into storage for another year. And bubba and mommy both got really good baths, and now it's back to relaxing before the big day Wednesday.

Thanks to all for the prayers I know you will be making on his behalf, and ours. We will try to post updates via facebook if you'd like to keep up with our progress. Thanks for all the support!

Braden, Brad & Kodi

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Aunt Carol and Uncle Randy said...

Wow, Brad and Kodi, check out the gorgeous curls on Braden! He's changed so much since the last picture we received at Christmas time. We'll be thinking of you two and your sweet son on Wednesday, praying for a skillful surgeon, attentive nurses, and a quick and uneventful recovery. Love to you all from Carol and Randy