Friday, December 12, 2008

First big SNEAUX in over 50 years

It has snowed here in Baton Rouge on Thursday. I joked with some friends that Hell had frozen over, as it snowed in New Orleans too:-) It was the first snow like this in 20 years, and they say the most accumulation in over 50 years. It was big, fat, pretty lake-effect fluffy snow. The first picture of our tree was taken at 6:45 am. The next two were taken at 8:00 am. What a beautiful morning.

Even our beloved mascot at LSU, Mike the Tiger got to enjoy the snow for the first time... he seemed to be enjoying himself, as you can see.

It has caused quite some trouble with power... it was like rolling black-outs all over the city, and some were still out until this evening. You have to remember how weak the trees were from Gustav, and then to have heavy, wet snow weigh tree limbs and power lines down, it was a recipe for some disaster. The daycare had to shut down because they lost power, and we even lost power at the house too. Just as we were trying to make plans for where we should take Braden for an overnight in a warm place... the power came back on after 3 hours of being "dark".

We were glad that MOST of the city was shut down (but of course, not LSU, they couldn't possibly reschedule finals...) as most folks have NO IDEA how to drive on ice or snow, and why would they? Our interstate over the Mississippi was shut down both ways due to icing they couldn't clear (we don't have any salt trucks waiting around for this kind of thing, and I'm not sure they've ever seen a snow shovel), and another major highway to the airport shut down because over 10 wrecks on a 12 mile stretch brought things to a screeching halt.

Tomorrow is the big fund raiser for Braden's Medical Fund in Ashland, KS. Please pray for a good turn-out and generous pocket books! Thanks for everyone's continuous support, love, and prayers.
Brad, Kodi, & Braden


shalamarie said...

I love the tiger Photos. He looks... happy! Maybe a little too frisky for me though. Love and miss you all. We are counting down the days!

B said...

Hope you guys have a great Christmas!