Thursday, December 04, 2008

95th Percentile!!!!

So we have a few updates for you... some of you know that Braden was born at 21 1/2 inches long, putting him over the 90th percentile at birth. When he was 6 months and had to be care-flighted to Texas Children's, they had him on some medicines they said may stunt his growth for awhile, and they did. At one point we were merely in the 5th percentile for his age! Our most recent visit to the pulmonologist revealed Braden has caught up in his height (I told you he grew in the hospital!!) and is once again in the 95th percentile!!! That is music to our ears to know that he has a chance to thrive once again. He grew out of all his clothes by the time we got out of the hospital, and we had to go buy him new, bigger pants!

Braden's blood test came back that there were no DNA mutations in his blood. We don't know what this really means for the overall picture of Leigh's yet, but we do know it means another consult with the genetic specialist at TCH. We are still waiting on a second test done on his muscle to come back too.

Mommy wanted to get Braden some lights that change color... and I did find some at Wal-Mart that glow white and then to multi-color! They can all stay on together, or change from white to color in a variety of speeds. I created a "LIGHT CANOPY" for his bed... and he REALLY seems to be loving the lights!! I think we may keep them up all year for him. We have even hung a fiber-optic angel that changes colors too - so now in addition to the corner statue angels, the hanging fabric angel, and the angel sitting above his window from the local Angel Ministry... Braden is certainly being watched over:-)

We had some family pictures taken recently, so we will post some of those to share soon. While out doing Black Friday shopping with the masses, we found a second frog ornament we just HAD to have... we love them both - even though they are the only non-USA things on our tree:-)

Sister-In-Law Jenny Betschart has organized a soup supper benefit for Braden, and of course, lots of family members are pitching in to help. It's being hosted by the wonderful Knights of Columbus in Ashland, KS and Shala's company is pitching in to help advertise and provide provisions as well - THANKS NATIONAL BEEF!! It's being hosted December 13th, and we are just SO very grateful for the gesture that has me choked up just typing about it. The love we are shown can be overwhelming. We are just so blessed by family and friends God has put in our lives. We spent Thanksgiving giving thanks for so many supportive people in our life, and the love God shows us through ALL OF YOU!! Insurance companies may never cover a "life" policy on our son, but we are so grateful that so many people care enough to help us find a way to plan for future expenses. We can never thank everyone personally who deserves it for helping us.

We are just looking forward to a wonderful trip home for the holidays to be with family, the doc says we look good enough to travel. We can't wait to see old friends, family, and NEW cousins!!! Will write more again soon!
The Wilson's


shalamarie said...

I cannot wait to have you all here. NBP is proud to be helping you all out. There are so many of my fellow co- workers that are praying around the clock for you guys. We may need to... have a show and tell when you are all home!

Doris Glass Heckert - Jackson's Mommy said...

I LOVE the light canopy, good job Mom! Give Braden lots of hugs and kisses from us


the heckerts

B said...

Love the lights! I'm glad your little guy is back "up to speed" with his growth. Safe travels and many happy memories!

Lisa Lundy said...

What a beautiful room! He must feel like he's in a Winter Wonderland. We continue to pray for you all every night. I hope Christmas is an especially great time for you all.