Saturday, November 01, 2008

Hospital Halloween

So we had another holiday in the hospital, let's hope this will be our last for awhile. We took our little "lord" for a battery test on our new vent, the LTV 950. (We thought since the vent would make loud breathing sounds, that Darth Vader would be an appropriate costume for Braden - why not play up your assets?). The hospital had a little halloween parade, and our friend Millicent got to join us for her first time off the vent on an HME:-) Her mommy brought her two outfits for her first Halloween, she was dressed like a kitty cat for the parade, and then she got dressed in her Minnie Mouse costume.

We hosted a few trick or treaters at the hospital. JazMyn had come to the hospital Thursday with a special delivery for Braden - a big stuffed frog she had beat adults for at the state fair! She first won a parrot but convinced her parents she had to have the frog for Braden, so she played again to win the frog. We promised JazMyn if she came to trick or treat, we would let her push Braden around in his stroller in the hospital (for a second battery test on the vent t00). What a great surprise to see her come dressed as a beautiful bumble bee!! Little miss pushed Braden around for over half an hour - she was so proud she could be "in charge" of her little man for awhile. Braden's Darth Vader costume didn't seem to scare her one bit:-)

Our friend the Heckert's came by with little Jackson in his punk rocker outfit to see Braden too. He was happy to see his little friend as they shared a few moments together.

Thanks to our friends who have sent cards and e-mails of support, and thanks to friends Dianna, Courtney, Kelly, and Debby & Jim for giving us a reprieve from cafeteria food!! After more than two long months of living at OLOL, the menu has grown tiresome. It's not great food to begin with, so after such a long time, eating here can be a real drag and even a downer. So the little breaks our friends have given us have been a welcome change and blessing and a lift to our spirits too!

Today mommy and daddy did some extra training with the Respiratory Therapist on the new vent and some of our home equipment. Tomorrow our plan is to take Braden and a nurse outside to experience some of our beautiful weather and give the battery another, longer test. We will probably stay another week in the PICU on our own vent and own heated humidifier equipment just to be sure Braden's body is responding well. HE IS STILL OFF OXYGEN SUPPLEMENT ON THE VENT!!! We are so proud, and not surprised by our strong little hero. Given our diagnosis, we just want to take him home and love on him and make life as normal as possible. I think I might pull down all the Christmas stuff soon this year, and put up all the colored lights I can find for Braden to enjoy as long as possible. I wonder if I can find some Christmas lights that change colors...

Thanks for visiting.
Braden Wilson & Proud Parents Kodi & Brad


Ashley said...

LOVE, LOVE <3 Braden's costume! He is so cute! We are going to come and visit soon. Avery and myself were sick this past week so we didn't get a chance to make it. I will email you and we can set up a good day to come!

Doris Glass Heckert - Jackson's Mommy said...

we had a blast trick or treating with Braden...and with all the Christmas stuff my mother has, I bet she has some that change colors, I will check with her...keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers....

xo, the heckerts

Anonymous said...


You looked so cute as Darth Vader! We should have made an appearance together because I was Princess Leia. We're always praying for you and your family!

Leah Banh

B said...

I'm glad you guys had a great Halloween! What a fun party! LOVE the costume...that's right take advantages of the assets!
Here's to a successful trial outside!
Love ya!

Jolie said...

We are praying for you Braden from Brianna LeBlanc and the LeBlanc Family