Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Trip to KS for 4th of July

Well, it was an adventurous tour of KS for the Wilson's. We spent time in Ashland & Ford, KS with Kodi's family(near Dodge City), and then spent time in Wichita with Brad's Family.

We got to spend some quality time with cousin Paxton in her swimming pool, snuggling with Paxton and light-up monkey, hanging with cousin Peyton, and topping our time out West off with some snakes, sparklers, and smoke bombs. Paxton was so cute, when she spent the day with aunt Kodi, uncle Brad, and cousin Braden instead of going to daycare, she spent some QT holding Braden and ever-so-sweetly holding up the light-up monkey so Braden could gaze at it while she held him. She is so sweet with him.

We got to meet new cousin baby Tristen, who is just a squirmy-wormy delight. For a newborn, he is already trying to hold his head up and doing a good job of it, which came in handy when he was "wrestling" with Braden. Scott & Patty are making wonderful parents for Tristen, and have plans to marry next August!! The 3rd the family went to watch a fireworks display, that Braden seemed to enjoy as much as mommy:-)

Braden also hung out with uncle Brent, and uncle Brent made sure we left KS with a big bang... and on the 4th, Brent introduced Braden to artillery shells that made 50 ft showers over-head. Mommy stuck to the lighted fountains which Braden also seemed to enjoy as well. We cooked out and BBQ'd also on the 4th, ending our time in KS with the family in traditional style.

Mommy is headed out for nearly two weeks, so I am sure Braden and Daddy will have lots of special bonding time. We hope to share more stories soon.
The Wilson's

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