Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Aqua Tots Swim Class

So this weekend we are headed to Kansas for vacation, so we are so excited to see our family and new cousin Tristen! Cousin Paxton is SO very excited to go swimming with Braden, it should be a blast. These are some pictures from our latest class. Braden is making friends, and so are mommy and daddy with more special needs parents. One of the things Braden and mommy do in the pool, is when he is in the floating devices, is he pushes against mommy with his feet as mommy pushes him away. Then we sway side to side and Braden will usually bend the opposite leg - but sometimes he finds it fun to fight mommy and push back keeping his leg straight. Of course, Braden is still a model floater, only needs the head support. Being in the water really relaxes him, so even if he is sleepy, we get good stretching in. The naps he takes after swim class are really long. Not sure if it's a combination of exhaustion or relaxation, but Braden really seems to enjoy being in the water.

Braden is doing new things all the time, subtle as they may be. He is doing better at lifting his head up from a tummy position, learning to put weight on his arms, and he is holding his head more mid-line when snuggling (instead of one side or the other, but this is a great progression!).

Thanks for checking on us, drop in again soon!
The Wilson's


shalamarie said...

We are so excited to have Aunt Kodi, Uncle Brad and Cousin Braden. Paxton is ready to have Brad sleep in her tent with her!!!! You did buy it for her!!!! Cant wait to see you guys. Be safe. Love you- SS & PS

B said...

How exciting! Give little B a hug for me and tell him how proud I am of all his hard work! Have a safe trip with lots of playtime and fun!

Anonymous said...

Wow, great to hear the progress! Can't wait to see you Miss Kodi! Glad Braden is enjoying his magic jelly fish trunks!

Auntie V