Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Saying Good-bye to Grannie Cack

Hello friends -
This post is on a sad note, as Kodi's grandmother passed away last Friday, and she travelled home to be with her family during this difficult time. Braden stayed home with daddy, while mommy tended to the family back in Kansas. My grandmother, Mary Catherine "Cack" Rinehart, had a fondness for angels, and loved her grandchildren and great-grandchildren immensely. She named Braden's Medical Fund as a memorial fund... I have attached a picture of the two of them this past christmas - you can see where Braden's beautiful blue eyes came from. If you care to see her obituary, here is the link:

Kodi & sister Shala got food poisoning while home, so Paxton ran through the sprinklers with Gram and kept herself entertained while the two sisters fought over bathrooms and tried to get over the illness while in the comfort of their own mom's home:-) Shala did a hospital stay when she was not getting better, and both of us continue to find a day without tiredness or dizziness.

Daddy did a great job of taking care of Braden while mommy was away - they even cleaned the house! We attached pics from our latest swimming trip - the boys are just adorable, I must say:-) Look how sweet Jackson is with Braden!!

Thanks for the condolences and prayers for family - we will have a more upbeat post later in the week!!

Kodi, Brad, Braden

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