Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Swimming with Jackson

This past weekend we went swimming with Jackson while daddy was at a conference. Braden really didn't protest getting in the water this time, in fact, you will see how relaxed he is in the pictures!! Mommy was teaching him to float - and he can do it all by himself when Mommy holds his head!! I just couldn't believe how relaxed he was in letting me pull him around like that!!!

As you can see, Jackson was really enjoying the water too - he is such a cutie and a ham. He even protested with fervor when it was time to get out of the pool:-)

We are busy getting qualified for additional therapy that will be provided at no cost to us, and they will do therapy at Braden's daycare too... that should all be set up for late August. We are looking into adding aquatherapy to Braden's routine in the fall as well. We are looking into adaptive equipment, and what insurance will pay for and won't, so Braden can have a fully supportive chair to sit in during parts of the day, as he is showing early signs of scoliosis...

Enjoy the swimming pics!
Kodi, Brad, & Baby Bee


shalamarie said...

AWWWW- He looks so relaxed. Looks like Jackson is enjoying the cool water as well.
Love you~ S & P

Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks like a wonderful stress reliever for both of you! -Victoria

Amanda said...

big prayers going out on your behalf...i tear up whenever i read about you guys...braden is so lucky to have you guys and i can see what a blessing he is to you too. we'll have to visit sometime with nolan so they can play!