Thursday, May 17, 2007

Leaving the hospital sometime soon...

Well, we have been moved to the floor, and that's always a sign that you are closer to going home, as you don't need as much constant attention. The downside is that you don't get any breaks, as a guardian must be with the child 24-7, so it wears on you just as much as being in the ICU. The ICU stress is more emotional, and the floor stress is more physical.

Braden has made a quick recovery considering he was on life-support nearly three days ago. He has amazed everyone here with his resiliance and fighting spirit. When the doctors and nurses tell you how worried about him they were his first day here - you know that your child was not in a good place, and God has blessed the hands of those who care for him to find solutions that Braden would respond to.

Here is a picture of him in his room on the floor, resting comforably with "Tiggie" at his side as always. You can't see his glow-worm, but she is in the bed with him too - he just loves how the face lights up and it sings to him - he seems fascinated every time.

Thanks for the prayers and support - we appreciate you taking the time to leave notes on the blog for us. It really does lift our spirits to know that so many people out there are pulling for Braden and for all of us.

Kodi, Brad, Braden


Anonymous said...

Hey Kodi,
Hillary has been keeping me updated. I wanted to come to the hospital, but didn't have anyone to keep the boys. You and your precious baby have been in my prayers. I am so glad everything is looking good. Please let me know if I can do anything for you. Take care and God bless.
Much Love,

Ashley and Brady Bagwell said...

Dear Brad, Kodi, and Braden...

I just wanted to let you all know that we are praying for you constantly! We love yall and know that God is in control through all of this. Braden, You are such a fighter and an inspiration to many! You are so strong! We love you lots!!!

shalamarie said...

Get better soon little man. Mommy is in desperate need of sleeping in her OWN bed! Love you guys. Thanks Brad for keeping me informed regardless of what hour it has been. Cannot wait to see you all soon. Paxton keeps asking, Can I see Braden again on Friday???? Not sure how much longer I can keep pushing the Friday's back!

Anonymous said...

We have been praying for little Braden. We know that God is in control and that he will get Braden through these difficult times.

God Bless,

Greg, Susanna and Kailey Blanchard