Saturday, May 12, 2007

Birthday Party

Gram, Papa, aunt Shala, cousin Paxton, and even cowgirl made it down from KS to celebrate an incredible first year with us. We had many things to celebrate... Braden's victory over still-birth, a near-death pnuemonia, and more... what a fighter he is, and we wanted to celebrate the amazing life of this little guy in a special way. We had a crawfish and shrimp boil (our first to host), and many friends came to join us for the day. Braden was having the day his way, and was struggling with his temp and heart rate - but many got to see first-hand what every day is like for us, and I think that was a good thing:-)

Paxton is just in-love with her little cousin, and is such the protector of him. She even feeds her baby the way Braden gets fed in his tummy tube, and gives the baby "breathing treatments" too... so fun to have them with us down here in the south!

Thanks to all those who have sent cards, notes, gifts, and especially to those who joined us for the festivities - our first birthday memories will be so special.


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