Thursday, August 30, 2012


Well technically this is Braden's THIRD Hurricane. And each one has had it's share of drama with Braden. The first one was Hurricane Katrina - we found out we were pregnant with Braden the day before we evacuated - and since then we have been told that he should have never been conceived, died in utero, and been stillborn. A beautiful soul that was never meant to be in the world was given the chance to write a story of his own about fighting through your circumstances and never giving up despite what other people may tell you and about how things are "supposed to be". The second was Hurricane Gustav. If you've read this blog since the beginning, then you know this story. But if you haven't ever read that post and the 80+ days post Gustav, the quick version is that Braden was not doing well when the storm hit, we were turned away from the supposed "Special Needs" shelter, the hospital couldn't take us, a tornado took off the roof of the building we rode out the storm in, we lost power during a time when Braden started getting worse, and 1 day after the storm we were admitted to OLOL to have surgery to get a trach & a ventilator after we resuscitated him 16 times while the State of LA hung us out to dry. Now Hurricane Isaac. Even though we lost power before the storm even hit us with any kind of real wind or rain and Braden was "seemingly" fine. And then in the midst of the strength of the storm, Braden stopped giving any urinary output. We pulled out all the bags of tricks we had - cool washcloth, warm compress, hot bath, lasiks (medication, and 2 failed cath attempts, the final night of the storm I got the hospital PICU on the phone to see just how long we could keep from bringing him in... 2 seconds before the resident came on the line, daddy got a "miracle" cath - and we got to avoid trying to get to the hospital during the middle of a hurricane with flooded roads, downed power lines, no street lights and rain so hard visibility was in FEET! Thanks to all our prayer warriors who jumped immediately into action and started praying for us in the 11th hour!! Today before lunch, the power came back on after Brad had left for work to open his facility for the LSU community. I stayed back with Braden, but also cleaned up the back yard by raking up 3 trash cans FULL of leaves & limbs, hauled some larger limbs for our neighbors, cleaned up "camp Wilson" in our front room, got Braden's room put back together, etc. In the afternoon I discovered why his output had slowed so much in those tense hours - he was passing kidney stones. To my surprise, he showed no signs of distress or discomfort. A trooper through the storm (shall we call him STORM TROOPER?), and a trooper as he deals with complications of his disease. Tonight we count our blessings as we don't seem to have sustained any real house damage (Gustav took our chimney cap), and we have power restored as others still remain without. Tomorrow is a BLUE MOON (the second full moon in a month) which my mom says is good luck because they are so rare. It seems OUR luck has turned around and we go back to work for a day before the Labor Day weekend begins. This week we need to schedule a follow-up for possible kidney stent removal and a few other doctor visits for Braden. Thanks so much again for all your love & support. Knowing we are watched & loved by so many gives us the courage and renews our strength for this journey we are on. With love, Kodi-Brad-Braden

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shala sauser said...

I cant help but have tears rolling reading this. Ive never forgotten for a second the struggles that have been endured in the last 7 yrs.(as a whole family weve lost grandma, great grannie, an uncle, our father, many friends, cancer X4, etc). Yet, with the love, support, prayers and compassion of those around us...we have made it-TOGETHER. I dont think you realize how inspirational Brad & you are to so many. Through the midst of the daily struggles, you both manage to find parts of yourselves to give to others when they need you. I am the luckiest sister in the world to be inspired, lead and guided by an amazing soul Im so proud to call MY SISTER. My brother in law is incredible. Paxton is so fortunate to have aunt pickle shorts, uncle bdub and cousin bubba. We love you all. From the bottom of our hearts to the tops of yous- S & P