Saturday, October 30, 2010

Medical Fundraiser - Cookbooks!


After two years of forcing myself to measure and actually write down the stuff I make, and gathering some of our most favorite recipes, Braden's fundraiser cookbook is finally finished!! You may order them right now on E-BAY by clicking here:

If you are headed to Ashland, KS the day after Thanksgiving, you may head to the annual window unveiling and pick one up from my awesome sister-in-law Jenny and her sisters, my mom and sister who will have a booth with cookbooks available:-)Or you can put in an order with Jenny too - she's taking orders.

Or if you work at National Beef in Dodge City - see my sister Shala and you can order one from her.

If you know my friend Victoria Fisher, she's taking orders in Chicago!

Of course - the obvious for you folks in Baton Rouge who see me or work with me, of course I am taking orders too so you can save on shipping.

We appreciate you passing on this information to anyone you know who might like to get a great cookbook for the holidays! It's a great cookbook for busy families, as most recipes can be done in less than 30 minutes. Great short-cuts for family favorites, good tips for first-time cooks, and a few impressive dishes for company... along with yummy desserts to share!

Thanks for your support, we hope to make enough off this cookbook to get Braden a new carseat for the Durango (about $800) and a stroller for daddy's vehicle sturdy enough to support Braden and his machines so both parents will be able to transport Braden without getting stuck in an emergency without something to move him in.

Bless you and yours and you prepare for this holiday season!!
Kodi, Brad & Braden

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