Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Braden getting "Happy Birthday" sung to him from the Wilson extended family...

Although we celebrated Braden's life at the Seize the Day walk two weeks ago, this weekend was his actual birthday. We snuggled, cuddled, stretched, got a bath and a haircut - big day in Braden's world. He was very content and satisfied Sunday. Mommy and Daddy had KS steaks, grilled veggies & fresh strawberries and pound cake muffins to celebrate.

As I reflect on the four years I have been blessed to be the mother of a child with a ministry that knows no bounds, I am content too. We've traveled great distances to ensure our families have had chances to know and love Braden. We've traveled great distances to see specialists for answers and guidance. We've traveled many times on that emotional roller-coaster with Braden over his health, his comfort, his care and his life expectancy. I'm trying to take a page from Braden's book... where we are now focused on QUALITY of life, and I want to do the same. We have accepted we don't know how many more tomorrows we will get with him, we've accepted he won't be president, graduate from high school, play sports or ever be able to tell us he loves his mommy and daddy. We relish the today's that we have to snuggle quietly with him, as we silently grieve the dreams we once had for our future son, and silently thank GOD for all the blessings we couldn't foresee when our journey began.

As parents, I think our biggest fear was really having a child labeled "disabled" or "handicapped". But now I am so grateful to have a child who has given me so many lessons on life. How foolish I was to let fear of that unknown possibility overshadow the multitude of blessings that would later be showered upon this family. I would have missed out on so many blessings, and so many amazing people in our life, if Braden was not everything God intended him to be.

Today my prayers are of thanksgiving for all that's been brought to our life with this little angel. I pray that when the time comes, I will be OK when Jesus comes to take him back from me, knowing he will be fully restored and one day I will get to know what a hug feels like from my own son, and to hear the words "Mommy" or "I love you".

Today we will thank God for his miracles.
Today we will live in the moment.

Thank you for continuing to be a part of our world, and showering us with your love and support near and far!
Braden, Brad & Kodi


Ashley said...

Thank you for sharing this! You are blessed!!!

Kathy Coit said...

Kodi, that is so beautiful! If all parents of "special" children, and those that are just special -- because we know that every single one is a special gift from God -- would have your attitude and faith, what a change we could see in this world!

Mandy Tyler said... made me cry at work. Very profound and beautiful. Enjoy every minute you can.

Debbie said...

Thank you for sharing...

The week ahead will bring us to Hudsons birthday...the past 2 bdays have been difficult for me, but I vow to make this year feel different and celebrate his life vs. Feeling sad.
So much of what you shared is how I feel about my little guy.

I hope this finds all of you well and that Braden is having a good weekend!

Blessings ...Deb and Hudson

Angie Zachman said... made me cry! I have always known you were a strong and independent woman...Braden has been blessed to have you as his Momma! Happy Mother's Day

General 5A Pigott said...

That was amazing guys are such great role models.