Sunday, November 01, 2009

Fundraising Update & Photo Shoot

Braden was selected to be photographed for the LA Faces of Epilepsy calendar, so when orders can be made, we will post the information on here for you to order one to support local families with epilepsy. Today he met some new friends... and made a new little girlfriend who is also 3, suffers from epilepsy, and puts a team in for the walk too... our new little friend Addie Claire! She was so precious to Braden... she was sharing acorns with him that he would hold, and she would talk to him and Braden was talking up a storm to her getting her attention! She would blow him kisses and say, "I like him" and "He likes me"... too cute!

I took a few of Daddy and Braden too here.

So the posts have slowed because we have so much going on. Braden is doing great right now health-wise, but Brad's grandfather has not been given much time, and Kodi's bff from college - Nicole - her father passed unexpectedly so a road trip to be with the family has kept us pretty busy.

We are getting ready to enter a craft show called Mistletoe Market at the Sheraton Atrium Nov. 14th to raise money for Braden's Medical Fund. We will be selling baby blankets, burp cloths, 12 months scripture magnets, bottle art, and golf head covers! Our goal is to sell out of everything and only have some custom orders to fill after the show.

The soup & dessert fundraiser is going well! We must send a special thank-you to Norwood Baptist Church in Norwood, LA... a friend from LSU goes to church there and Braden has been on their prayer list for years. Our wonderful friend Mandy and her church did a spaghetti dinner fundraiser for Braden and sent us a check!! THANK YOU for continuing to pray for us, and for going beyond prayers to take action to help our sweet boy!!

More thank you's to friend Stacie Coles for getting the word our about our fundraiser... her friends and family at Parkview Baptist Church's "Sunshine Class" and Tuesday Morning bible study have taken collections for Braden, and we appreciate it so much! Thanks for your prayers and love!

Thanks for checking in on us...
Braden, Kodi & Brad

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General 5A Pigott said...

Kodi you are a fantastic writer! That boy looks JUST LIKE BRAD!!!!!