Sunday, August 02, 2009

Getting in the last of summer

Well mommy left the boys for another work trip - this time to NYC. She got a little personal time too: saw "Chicago" on Broadway, had dinner with current and former students, and took in a few more sites of the city. Daddy and Braden got some good quality time just hanging out.

We are getting all our therapy evals taken care of right now, so that Braden will be set up for school... and private therapy will come see him right at the daycare!! So we are excited to get all of that set up. We also recently took bloodwork to check his epileptic medicine levels, as Braden is experiencing more than normal grand mal seizures, and it really upsets him afterwards... because he has grown so much, we have added an additional dose of that medication. It will probably take a few weeks to see any change in his seizure activity.

Braden got a pair of shoes for school, since we don't get to buy him a uniform:-) So he got his first pair of light-up Skechers that light up like police lights, and mommy got him an official NYPD t-shirt to go with them! Daddy, as most of you can guess, got his own NYPD baseball cap. We will share another update soon... these pictures are of Braden in his brand new comfy bean-bag chair... and one of him with his new froggie friend from the Shedd Aquarium.

Any extra prayers you can spare right now, we will appreciate them. We think that a few good and decent people in the State of LA have taken and interest in Braden's case, and if all things go well, he might FINALLY get some state assistance... so please, please, please send up those prayers - we really need the help!!

Love to all - the Wilson family

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shalamarie said...

He is getting so big and I just saw him. A trip south is in order for sure. Love and miss you all. S & P