Saturday, June 13, 2009

"New" Chair, Swimming & Daycare Daycamp

Well, it's been a frenzied but fantastic week in the Wilson household!

First, our AMAZING therapist and friend Gayla, with the help and advice of our friend Doris, Braden now has a great wheelchair! A client of hers donated it, and we were the lucky recipients!! The local provider is working with us to make all the needed adjustments, so this will be a fully functional chair that will hold his equipment AND roll right into a newer van and strap right into the van as his car chair -when we can finally afford to look for a newer one, complete with a handicap ramp.

Gayla also brought us a bath chair - which is GREAT news since the insurance company denied us for one. I know you are all surprised about that one. We cannot wait to try it!

Last weekend we took Braden into his own baby pool - he really enjoyed it, once he finally relaxed, he really got relaxed enough to fall asleep and even snore in the pool!

Braden's daycare, Kidz Korner is having daycamp, and he even gets to spend a little time with the kids in their main play area! The kids were so excited, because he normally spends the day in the baby room. And Braden took a really good nap after watching TV in the playroom and hanging out with the kids.

This week we prepare for our long trip home, we will be on the road for two weeks and two days visiting family all over Missouri and Kansas. We hope to update during our trip, if we are able.

Hope your summer is going well!
The Wilsons

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