Sunday, May 31, 2009

Single Dad this week

Well, Daddy is the hero around the house this weekend. Braden's pulse-ox machine went down again, but much more major than recent issues. We have the new one on order... but as our luck would have it, it is on back order, so we are trying to make this one work as long as possible. After last night's malfunction, we met the old provider at the office for a back-up to keep until Braden's new one finally comes in. At least we will breathe a little easier while mommy heads off for a short conference this week in Raleigh, NC.

We hope to put Braden in a baby pool tonight so he too can enjoy some of the warm weather and get to enjoy one of his favorite relaxing things to do - floating in the pool.

Braden got to hang out in the living room with us for awhile yesterday, and then he showed us how much of a big boy he is and can relax watching TV all by himself.

We have lots of doctor's appointments to make this month since we are now three - it's time to check in with everyone. Plus our new trach tube is in, and we have to do that in the office. It's the one that's supposed to help with all the secretions, but might also take away Braden's ability to "hum" or "talk"... so we will have some new challenges too.

We hope your summer is beginning well. We are preparing for a long trip home at the end of the month. Thanks for checking in on us.

Braden, mommy & daddy

Braden "talking"


Heather said...

Good to hear you were able to get a loaner pulse-ox machine until you get your new one. That's something you definitely don't want to malfunction! Let us know when you will be in town later this month & if you'll have time to get together. I know Evan would love to visit Braden again! We have his picture on the fridge & he always points to it & says, "Braden!" Take care!

Chris, Heather, & Evan

shalamarie said...

You are both such wonderful parents and continue to inspire us all. Much love- SS and PS