Thursday, March 19, 2009

Busy Time - Healing Fine - SIGN UP

So we found out Braden had THREE different tracheal infections that we are continuing to treat with inhaled meds and added an oral (okay, really g-tube) antibiotic too. But we THANK YOU, GOD for being so good, and letting us keep him OUT of the hospital this time around. Braden is pretty normal for not feeling well, just a little more sleepy than usual, and a little more touchy about being "handled"... otherwise I don't think we'd even know. We go for our bronchial scope the second week in April, so we will know a lot more about this new kind of trach tube and if Braden has any granulation tissue around the stoma which could be the culprit of infection. We will post a reminder, as we will need LOTS of prayers going in, as he will have to be sedated, and as if we don't have enough to worry about, we are having a lot of problems with his medi-port. This could mean an additional surgery and multiple needle sticks:-(

Some good news, Braden's Great-grandpa James got to go home after a bout of intestinal issues.
Also, our Godson Brandon Jermaine (named in honor of Braden) was born last week and is healthy and happy at home - we will try to get some pics to post soon... and Braden had another cousin born on St. Patty's Day - Ethan Roger, also healthy and gets to go home today.

So we are getting ready for Braden's birthday next month, hosted at the Seize the Day Walk for Epilepsy of LA. If you'd like to support his team or join TEAM BRADEN WILSON, you can log on at: and click on "start a team", "Agree" to the terms, and then click "Join a team" and select "Braden Wilson" in the pull-down menu. We will be doing the 1K fun walk at 8:30 that morning, joining the whole group for awards and some food and snowcones while the band plays - who I have been told will be singing Happy Birthday especially for Braden. Then we will head over to the Mike the Tiger habitat for some catered VooDoo BBQ, desserts, and treats - the kids will love the Tiger cage - it's a HUGE habitat!

Thanks for the continued prayers... mommy is in shoulder re-hab (yay, no surgery) and will be headed to her national advisory board meeting and then the national convention next week, leaving daddy to play "single father". As soon as mommy gets home, daddy is off to his national convention (strangely, the exact same city mommy will be in the week prior!), leaving mommy to play "single parent". Pray for us to have the additional strength we will need to do it alone, and pray that Braden continues to heal well.

Our thanks and love,
Braden Wilson & his parents!

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