Sunday, May 18, 2008

Grab a Tissue and your Heartstrings...

Okay family and friends, I have some heart-warming moments to share with you. First, let me tell you about mother's day. It was bittersweet and a very emotional day. First my great-grandmother, and Braden's great-great-grandmother (yes, that's 5 generations) passed away Sunday morning. Great-Grannie Marie was a fiesty and opinionated woman who loved her children and grandchildren, even babysitting them in her 80s. Even at 96 she had a fabulous sense of humor and joyful spirit.

Nana Debby had sent a lovely card with a necklace in it with a pendant that said "Mom" and a scripture on the back: 1 Peter 3:4 "Be known for the beauty that comes from within..."

We spent the day with our friends the Heckert's who invited us to share their Mother's Day BBQ. Nana Doris Glass gave mommy a card from Braden, including a fabulous necklace with a frog pendant. The sentiment was enough to move mommy to tears of joy.

This year was the first year that Braden was NOT in the hospital for Mother's Day. Our first mother's day, Braden was still in the NICU preparing for surgery, and last year we were recovering from a near-fatal pnuemonia and bacterial infection. We had lots to celebrate.

We also opened a letter from our insurance company, and they have overturned the original ruling we have been fighting since late last year, the denial for his positional seating unit to help battle the early onset scoliosis, respiratory issues, and more. What a great mother's day gift!! We won a battle!!

Then a call from Aunt Shala made the day quite overwhelming. Cousin Paxton had to send the last surviving kitty-cat of hers to a local feedyard to find safety from the new dogs they got, as two of them didn't survive the integration of the two new "top-dogs" on the farm. Shala decided to get rid of the most rambunctious dog, and they went to visit the old kitty-cat. They discovered that that kitty (named Roadie) had been run over by a truck and after 4 vets had worked on him for a few weeks, he still suffered from a broken pelvis and back legs, and some missing hair spots. This cat must have used 8 of it's lives, because it survives, but cannot run or climb trees, but has figured out how to walk/limp around on his back legs. Well Shala gave Paxton the option of going to Gram's to pick out a new kitty, or she could take Roadie home. She made it clear that Roadie might not make it, but this four-year-old child made an inspirational choice that still makes me tear up. She chose to take Roadie home and care for him, even though he may not make it, and she even asked if she could help dig the grave if he doesn't make it. As the mother of a "broken" child, I gave a hearty cry knowing that my beautiful niece made such a courageous choice to take home her "broken" kitty, one that is quite less 'perfect' than other kitties she could have. She wants Roadie to chase her around like he used to, but since he can't really do it, she puts him in a wagon to tote him around with her. Inspiration from a four-year old. What a proud moment for her parents and any of us who know her. Here are pictures of Paxton and Roadie...

Congratulations if you made it through without needing a tissue. We will celebrate the love and hope of our son, our now five-year-old niece, and our family. Thanks for checking on us,
The Wilson's


B said...

Such good and happy thoughts! I too had a great Mother's Day. I hope these are signs of things yet to come (good news, no hospital visits).
Give your sweetheart a kiss for me!

Aunt Shala said...

So, I read your beautifully told story to little miss. I quote, "Mommy, I am nooooootttttt 4 I am 5!and Roadie can to run, just not very fast. He can still play hide and seek though!"
Of course, Roadie hides and Paxton seeks! :) Love you guys. Braden looks soooo much like Bdub

Anonymous said...

Wow, that first picture shows how very much Braden looks like Brad! What a wonderful Mother's Day! I am glad you got to spend it with your Louisianna family instead of the ER family.

The story of Roadie was well worth the tissues I had to use. What an amazing child to chose her broken kitty! I love the wagon picture!

Miss you all terribly!

Caralyn said...

Thank you Jesus for always being near my Wilson family. It was so good to read that you had such a wonderful Mother's Day. Hugs to all! Let Paxton know what a sweet inspiration she is.