Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Big Plans coming for the birthday boy

As Braden is turning two, we will be doing some neat things with him - including his very first hair cut!! Don't cry, ladies... we will only be trimming those gorgeous curls to prevent the late-day "Einstein" look his hair gets after JazMyn plays with it all day.

JazMyn continues to bring us laughter as Braden's official bodyguard and playmate... I think she would believe Braden belonged to her if we didn't take him home everyday! She will call on the weekends to tell Braden about her family adventures, and during the weekdays she checks in on him regularly, puts vaseline on his lips when they get dry (because according to her, he is a boy and boys don't wear lip gloss), and she is starting to try to help suction him. Of course, she protects him from anyone who tries to suction him down the nose, because according to her, Braden "doesn't like that". She also cares for him through our trials with oak pollen, and says that we just have to get Braden "out of this weather". Hilarious and adorable.

Here are some pictures of the kids together... now she wants me to get out my camera everyday to take more pictures of them. Jaz definitely sticks to our routine... she helps us pack up at the end of the day and carries his bottle bag for him to the car, makes sure I press Leapster froggie to sing the ABC's with her before we go, and then presses the button on the remote to close Braden's door.

Stay tuned for pictures of Braden's new hairdo next week, and his birthday party at the end of the month! We have invited all of our special needs friends to come celebrate with us, so we are excited. Thanks for checking on us!


Anonymous said...

how precious. We are blessed Braden has such a cute protector.

Nana W says thank you Jaz.... God bless and protect you

Love Nana W, Papa W and Uncle Brent and Scott

B said...

Two already! Yesterday and forever all at the same time, huh?! I'm so glad he's got another little friend to take care of him and play with him. Tell Jaz we all think she's the greatest!

Kim said...

Hi Kodi, Brad, and Braden! This is Kim Williams, Braden's primary nurse at Woman's Hospital. My goodness, it's been such a long time and Braden has gotten so big! Braden is blessed to have such wonderful parents as u 2! I will continue to pray for u guys and and continue to check Braden's progress. I'm happy he has a friend to play with....their cute together. My email address is williams_kimeco@yahoo.com. Feel free to email me anytime. God Bless!!