Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Braden got the ALL CLEAR, we see his Neuro in Houston this week

Well Braden got the all clear last Friday that his most recent pneumonia has cleared up and his white cell count is down to within "normal" range at 10,000. Lots of people we know are suffering from respiratory infections this time of year, including Nana Wilson who got something called "Adult RSV". So we continue to pray for our other special friends with respiratory weakness who seem to be having similar issues.

This week we head to see our head neuorologist. We will be discussing our medication regimen, but not really much else. As Braden and his brain continue to grow, evolve, and change, so are his seizures and their patterns, so every week brings a new "normal". We are adapting to learning to live with the constant change, but as some of you know, it's still hard to watch him have seizures every single day of his life.

The pictures are of Braden and his new bunny that our adopted "Grandma Glass" (Jackson Heckert's grandma) bought her adopted "grandson" (Braden) for Easter:-) He was really checking that little animal out.

He is slowly getting more "vocal" about his needs and wants. Just when Latacia can't figure out what he's fussing about, as soon as she moves him to his favorite chair to sit among the other kids, he becomes his usual mellow self. Maybe he likes being around the other kids, or maybe it's just a chance to hang near his "bodyguard" Jazmyn... she makes sure the other kids don't bug him too much, but she must have her kiss to Braden's head each morning and stroke his curly hair, and checks on him every half an hour or so taking a break from her busy play schedule. She usually isn't so happy when the speech therapist shows up, because they are bugging her Braden and according to her, they need to leave her Braden alone, because "he doesn't like that". It amazes me that even a four-year-old can discern his facial expressions!! :-)

We plan on spending St. Patty's Day and Easter Sunday with the Heckert's, so we will have some fun pictures to share next week!

Love to all,
The Wilson's


Jackson's Mommy said...

Can't wait till Saturday, the Heckerts need their Braden fix just like little ya'll

shalamarie said...

We miss you little guy. Paxton sends her LOVE

Caralyn Comfort said...

Hey guys! What a blessed relief that Braden is clear! Thank you Jesus! I would love to see you guys while you are here this week, give me a call 817-705-1733, and we can work something out.

Kodi Wilson said...

Sorry I just read your comment, Caralyn. We were in and out - it was a very long day of travel. Perhaps our next overnight visit we can meet up?? Miss you and hope you are doing well!!