Friday, January 11, 2008

Revenge of the Pnuemonia

Well today became our third episode to battle pnuemonia. (Star Wars references for you enthusiasts out there). But there are many positives this time around. We convinced our medical team to send us home to recover instead of admit us to the hospital, and risk exposure to other infections we could pick up there to further complicate our scenario. So the good news is that we are home for now.

The early morning hours were of more concern, as Braden had labored breathing, escalated heart rate, 100 degree temp, was throwing crying fits, was not responding to higher oxygen levels, etc. By the time we had our chest x-rays done and bloodwork taken at the doctor's office, his temperature had subsided, he was no longer needing oxygen assistance, and his heart rate was only slightly elevated. So we got the nurses to access his mediport (you know this is always a "fun" adventure and today was no different), so he could get antibiotics through IV instead of injection (the body responds better and faster to the IV drugs vs. intramuscular injections).

So home health will come give us our IV infusions over the next few days here at the house, and Tuesday mid-day we will go back to the Dr to re-evaluate our situation, provided we don't need to go to the hospital before then. Let's pray Braden will be the little fighter we know he can be, enough to keep us out. His white count was a little elevated at 14.9, so cause for concern, but not enough to be scary. The x-rays showed a slight pneumonia in the right lung, which is a new thing for it to show on the films so early on. The doc thinks we caught it on the early side this time since his white count is not severely escalated, and that we are doing a great job paying attention to his needs and recognizing when something just isn't right.

Send us some extra prayers for our little fighting angel, we appreciate your thoughts.

Mommy Kodi

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