Friday, December 14, 2007

Holiday Adventures

We have been enjoying the holiday season... we went to a christmas celebration on campus where Braden took his first ever photo with Santa... of course, Braden was sleeping at the time, but Santa didn't seem to mind:-)

Daddy got his picture with Braden in front of the LSU fire truck - the reflectors came out neat in the photo.

Last weekend was an area Christmas parade - a neighborhood parade only a mile from our street - so we met up with Jackson's family to enjoy the parade, have dinner together, and exchange gifts. The boys really enjoyed their new toys that made sound... Jackson played with his piano alligator long after they left our house, and Braden enjoyed the lights and sounds of his new toys a lot.

I took some pictures of the boys laying together... Jackson wanted to be right up next to Braden to see his face, and even managed to lift his little arm to put in on Braden's (BIG progress for Jackson!!)... and he kept rolling over to see Braden closer... it was just adorable:-)

The other pictures below are of Braden after Daddy put him down for a nap to bear weight on his knees, and it was too cute not to capture - the funniest part was when he later rolled over in his sleep into the second pose you see. It cracks me up how he sleeps sometimes, but I guess most kids have their own quirks like that too.

We have finally started speech (oral motor) therapy - and we are so very excited!! Braden was OK with most everything we worked on, like the massaging, but he definitely showed a non-preference by shaking his head back and forth to a few of the exercises.

He continues to enjoy bearing weight, especially leaning on the exercise ball. He recently has learned to cry for sympathy, and it's so sad and pathetic it is humorous... I love to see his personality grow.

We hope to make another post before heading off to see our families in Kansas... wish us safe travel up North, and keep posted for more pictures!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, we look forward to a fantastic new year!!

The Wilson's


shalamarie said...

Thank you. Thank you so much for sharing the photos of Braden and of Jackson too. I think we have all come to love Jackson and his family!
I cannot wait to see you guys at Christmas. I miss Braden... you guys too. I cannot really snuggle with you too well though so he makes for a nice lap warmer. Love & hugs- S & P

Amanda said...

LOVE the pictures!! Nolan sleeps JUST like Braden, face down, up on his knees (it sort of defeats the purpose of elevating his matress to help his asthma, but it's cute). I can't wait to meet Braden someday... =) Merry Christmas and have fun in Kansas!

Nicole said...

If you are stopping in OKC, let me know! We'd love to see y'all!

Mommy2BMW said...

Nicole - we won't be staying in OKC, but maybe we can meet up for lunch or a rest!! E-mail me your cell phone number to: and we will call you on our way... we will be traveling on Jan 2nd from Wichita to Dallas....