Monday, November 12, 2007

LSU Parade

We went to the LSU homecoming parade this past weekend. As you can see, Braden has some learning to do about Louisiana parades and how to get more beads thrown his way, but maybe he has to stay awake next time... that might help a little.
Isn't he JUST ADORABLE sleeping on daddy??

We started putting up the christmas decorations for Braden this past weekend too... he loves blinking lights, so we got started putting everything up. Braden even got his own little purple-light tree in his room! We will add pics later, but for now, enjoy a few from the parade, and a few more 18 month photos. They used one of these for an IN-STORE display... they put him up as a sample for families to look at!! I will try to go this week to get a pic of his photo on display - but what a compliment that our little man is cute enough to help them sell more product!! Our friends said they saw his pic up this last weekend in the store. Little Jackson will be on display in a few weeks as a sample "Christmas Elf"!

Thanks for your sweet postings last week - what an uplifting way to begin our holiday season, THANK YOU!!


Anonymous said...

Look at those adorable curls! Thank you for another great update - so wonderful to see you guys enjoying the parade - GO TIGERS! Love, Victoria

Anonymous said...

Love it..... one in front of the Sig Ep house.... like them all and of course he would be the poster child of beautiful..

Nana W