Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Football Season update

While Braden has been doing very well at fighting off another respiratory infection, it caught up with mommy, but antibiotics are keeping everyone else from catching it to that degree.

Recently we had the Heckert's over for a weekend playdate... as you can see the boys decided to play with each other on the floor, before the mommies decided to do some playing with Jackson's little wonder ball, with a make-shift game of soccer and rolling.

The first LSU football game was away, and we spent time with our friends the Richard's, who shared their bunny with Braden to experience the soft fur texture, which Braden seemed to enjoy a lot. I think he wanted to take a nap with that bunny!

Daddy joined a friend for the first home LSU game this past weekend, while mommy and Braden stayed home to watch the late-night game on TV. As you can see, we were all decked out to cheer on our Tigers. Later this week mommy will post pics from our "Football" photo session for all to enjoy.

We are busy as ever at LSU, and Braden continues to make changes too, just not all of them good:-( We will be seeing the local nuero tommorrow because of a new kind of seizure he started having. At that time we will find out if more testing will be necessary, but we expect a new EEG and a new MRI will be in order. We will find out more about when/where we will do a muscle biopsy as well.

Thanks for checking on us!
The Wilsons


Shalamarie said...

I miss you guys all so much. We love you! Aunt Shala & Cousin Paxton

Amanda said...

I bet he just loved the bunny! Too cute...