Friday, December 08, 2006

12-7-06 update

Braden and parents upon returning from our glorious trip, caught the bug. While mommy & daddy are recovering mostly, poor little guy has a cough that is sticking with him. He is on a regimen of augmenten, so we hope this will knock it out.

We have some good news to share about his head growth. In past postings I have shared with you, that slow head growth is not good, because the brain needs to grow. In the early stages of regular doctor visits once we finally got to go home from the NICU... Braden was only charting on the growth scale in the FOURTH percentile, way below his peers, and didn't even come close to approaching the range of normal. This week when we went to see our local nuero, we got some exciting news that gives us hope (God just seems to know when we need that little glimmer to pick our spirits up)... Braden actually fits INSIDE a pattern that puts him near the 25th percentile!!! God continues to bless us with his unending love - THANK YOU!!!!

We are preparing to fly home again for Christmas. After a wonderful experience with Continental over THanksgiving, we decided to save Braden four travel days of living in a carseat just to get to KS & back (not even counting driving around in KS to see family). We will only have to spend two half days travelling to & from, rather than TWO two-day trips just to reach our destination. Brad's brother has graciously offered us his Yukon so we can travel to Western KS to see my family, so they can all meet Braden. We are so thankful, and excited!

We will probably not have anything to post until we get to KS and it's near Christmas, but we want to thank you for your postings and prayers. Thanks for stopping by.

Kodi, Brad, Baby Bee


Gram said...

It's great to hear the good news. Keep up the good work Braden. We're cheering for you. I hope you all get rid of the bug before you travel at Christmas time. I can't wait to get Braden, Peyton and Paxton together at Christmas.
Love & hugs,
Gram & Papa

Susanna and Greg said...

Good to see you today. We hope yall have a safe trip back home! We know that yall will really enjoy being around family! We will pray for a safe trip and that Braden can fight off this bug before yall go! When yall return Braden will have a new friend to play with!!! Yeah!!! Merry Christmas and we love yall!
Greg, Susanna and Lil Miss

shalamarie said...

We love you Braden and your mommy and daddy are not too bad either. HUGS!