Monday, September 25, 2006

More Firsts

As pressures have been mounting, and mommy was near homicidal from all the stress - she and Braden went with Daddy to his pool conference in Pensacola. Mommy took medical mental leave, and tried to get away from the 90-to-nothing life we have been living for some long overdue R&R. It was a very nice trip for us, we stayed with Aunt Jeannie & Uncle Jerry - the most gracious hosts, ever! While Brad got certified, mommy got some work stuff done, and also enjoyed some down time reading for enjoyment. Mommy and Daddy got to have DATE NIGHT, while the relatives watched Baby Braden. On the weekend, we took Braden to the beach - he got to experience the ocean for the first time! While he was fussy while in the carrier, after he got to feel the ocean and sand, he was quite relaxed just laying in the shade!! The breeze was wonderfully cool, and it wasn't a very warm day - so our time was just really enjoyable. Braden's numbers were practically AMAZING, as he had oxygen saturation at 100%, when he normally ranges 97 - 99, and his normal heart rate of 125 - 140 was at a low 105!! We wonder if it was all those wonderful negative ions in the air. Braden was completely relaxed laying on the beach!!

We did have a small scare, but at the time we were across the street from a hospital - but mommy figured out how to get him to breathe, clear his airway, and get him calmed down. Braden was not feeling the best on this trip, as he has a little bug or something that has his tummy and digestive system upset, so we were dosing Pedialyte regularly as directed by the pediatrician. We are hoping he will start feeling better now that he is back home.

We get on a regular schedule this week. Mommy & Daddy will both working a 10-hour, 4-day workweek. Mommy will be home on Tuesdays, Daddy will be home on Thursdays, and the nanny Caralyn will be with him on m-w-f. We start up physical and occupational therapy again this week, plus back to see the local neuro doc. Braden's infantile spasms seem to have gone away, but unfortunately have only been 'replaced' by this new kind of seizure. We have not seen much if any reduction in his seizure activity:-( We will probably add kepra back to the regimen, as it is good for the kind of seizures he is having now, and has no side effects - but we will see what the doc says. We are fairly certain that in the near future we will begin the ketogenic diet as well. We will keep you all posted on those things.

We hope you enjoy a few pics from our weekend outing... thanks for coming to check on us. Drop us a note if you get a chance, we love hearing from all of Braden's "Fan Club"! We will be posting some MOST ADORABLE PICTURES of his day at the beach this week - so come back to see us!

Kodi, Brad, Baby Bee


shalamarie said...

I am so glad you were all able to relax and enjoy each other this last week. What a needed break you all deserved! Braden is going to end up being a water junkie like his mama. Ha ha. Love you guys~ Cannot wait to see more photos!

Gram said...

I hope you all got a lot of good relaxation while you were at the beach. Sounds like Braden may become a beach bum at an early age!
What a pitty if you should have to move to the beach for Bradens benefit. What a bummer! Love the pictures.
Love you lots!
Gram & Papa

Betsy Bellinger said...

Kodi, I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you, Brad and Braden. Ronda just told me a little about what you had been going through and I'm glad I found your blog to learn all of the details. I cannot imagine how much you have been going through. I know that you two are the best possible parents that Braden could ever have to love and care for him. Betsy

Ashley and Brady Bagwell said...

I am so glad to see yall got some R&R!!! Thanks for the update and I love the pics :)

Mandy Conte said...

Goodness, you guys sure have had a busy few months. I am awestruck by your strength. Kodi, I always knew you were strong THANK GOD Braden got that from you! He now has his own icon on my computer so I can check back more regularly. He's handsome and your family is beautiful. The pictures are fantastic.

shalamarie said...

Ok Sissy- the week is running out and I am starting to have withdrawl without seeing any new photos. Please, please.... Oh Ya, I am mailing you your very own Shirt... Cancer walk with a SNOOZE running bib too! Love ya~